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Whatever your preference in terrifying films, there's one that can get you in a trance. From Stephen King's novel, The Mist, to the creepy adaptations of books the most famous classics, this genre has something for all. From the gory hobbling episode to the terrifying world of vampires, there's an eerie book for everyone. Apart from horror films, Stephen King also wrote short stories, such as the infamous "Tales From the Dark," one of his creepy tales.


The Scary Stories movie is based on three novels written by Jack London. The books are collections of stories and folklore. Much like the films, they remain unsolved for the most part, and are frequently cliffhangers. The newest edition of the series' books is a collection of six original stories which include the most frightening book, "The Goblin Man" by Jeremy Piven, which is already a bestseller in own by itself.


The novel is set in NYC, where twelve-year-old Allison Parker moves into a brownstone after her father's murder. In spite of the realtor's claims that the house is free of demons, the group of four quickly get caught up within the building's mysterious past. Despite the slightly sluggish dialog the plot itself is an absolute snooze. The demon-filled ending is the highlight of this novel and will keep you engaged.

The two first Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark films are much similar to the first. While it's not giving viewers the same thrills as the predecessors did, it's got a much more of a realistic and realistic premise. The plot revolves around a scarecrow who reanimates and torments and kills its creators before stretching its bloody skin until it dries with the heat of the sun. The sequels provide more, and it is worthy of a read written by a dedicated horror enthusiast.

The first two films are based on very same book, which is the highly acclaimed Psycho by Hitchcock and the much-maligned Nightmares composed by Thomas Harris. Although Ghost Story Ghost Story movie is a bad translation of the text yet it's well an enjoyable read. The story has multiple protagonists that has been adapted to the big screen, and the two previous films aren't any different. The third movie is a frightening homage to the original, and the first is a good choice for horror fans.

The tale of Frankenstein has been adapted into a classic horror novel. It's a dark, Gothic castle, as well as a monster hunter. It's a slow-burning tale that features many terrifying scenes and iconic images. It is a major part for the genre horror. You can either read the novel or the film. Whatever you decide to do, you won't regret it! This timeless work by Hitchcock is definitely worth your time.

The very first book in the horror genre "The Turn of the Screw," was written by Alvin Schwartz and Steven Spielberg. It was adapted into two movies by the same writer and was the inspiration for the film's retelling. The book is a masterpiece in Gothic horror , and includes elements of possession and murder. It's also part in the movie series Night of the Living Dead. It's a fantastic read for anyone who is a fan of the genre.

People who want to read the horror genre will be delighted by this book as it centers on the stories of ghosts and goblins. It also features a collection of student writing from the year nine English class at Calwell High School. Students explored the idea of cathartic writing with different exercises as well as expanding their Enneagram types to develop fictional characters and villains. The students also looked at the process of writing a story and used it to write a novel.

Four teenagers begins with a journalist is looking into their deaths. The journalist finds a cursed videotape which can be used to kill you within seven days. While the American version has a lot of similarities to the original and the Japanese version is an excellent classic in the horror genre. So, if your looking for a great book to follow the film now, get started reading it now.